As a music teacher and workshop leader, I base my approach on improvisation, creation, and interaction as the core elements of musicianship. Therefore, in lessons, workshops, and training sessions, I focus on developing musical imagination, the ability to express musical and non-musical ideas and concepts through sound, musical communication, and the ability to make creative decisions.

I can offer individual and group lessons in (bass) guitar, piano, and songwriting. Additionally, I teach music theory and can prepare students for their entrance exams at the conservatory or other music schools. I am also available for group workshops ranging from (harmony) singing to composing original music or learning improvisation.

For rates, I adhere to the guidelines of the Dutch Federation of Performing Arts (NTB) for the year 2023. You can find the rates in the following document:

For private tutoring, the minimum rate per hour is €60. For music education projects, the minimum rate per hour is €66.

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