Koolstrae is a band consisting of five Koolstras. They grew up together on a houseboat in Amsterdam surrounded by various types of guitars, ukuleles, string instruments, and a small trumpet. Over the past years, Koolstrae has performed at the Sziget Festival in Hungary, Landjuweel at Ruigoord, and Stukafest, and in the spring of 2021, the band reached the finals of the singer/songwriter competition "Mooie Noten" at the Vondelkerk in Amsterdam. In 2020, the EP "Koffie" was released, followed by three singles in the summer of 2021: "Roadtrip Song," "Wij Bleven," and "The Poet." You may encounter Koolstrae both within and outside Amsterdam, as they bike along in a colorful procession of cyclists, hauling a double bass, guitars, ukuleles, and a bag of odds and ends to their next performance.

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